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Roller Curtains

Now 100% Cordless! Roller shades are a traditional choice, being used in homes for decades. But with many modern color options and all the features, upgrades, and add-ons available, the Elegance Fabric Roller Shades can be perfectly customized for your home and your personal style. And with the satin texture, it will look vibrant, rich, modern, and expensive, without it actually being expensive.

The fabric may look like satin, but it's actually 100% polyester, making it durable and beautifully constructed. For a one-of-a-kind look, choose between several hem types and hembar styles. These fabric roller shades will give your home a touch of instant class, all within your budget. To learn about the Best for Kids certification program.

Roman Curtains

Treat your windows with the natural elegance of this Tuscan bamboo Roman shade. This shade is specially woven to let the right amount of sunshine into your home to provide natural lighting and a warm ambiance without being too bright. Available in widths between 16 and 74 inches, it is easy to find the right shade for your window and coordinate treatments on windows of different sizes.


Easy to clean with a feather duster or damp cloth Woven carefully to filter light for just the right amount of brightness Adds a warm ambiance to your home Available in widths between 16 and 74 inches

Vertical Blinds

Cover your favorite patio door with the warm, sophisticated look of Faux Wood Vertical Blinds. Our Faux Wood Vertical Blinds give you the classic appeal of real wood and the easy care of vinyl, all at a reduced price. Choose from a variety of stains and realistic finishes for these durable, warp resistant window treatments. Comes with a free valance.

This product can be made safer for places where children and pets may be present with the selection of the wand upgrade. All other versions of this product have cords that may be accessible, and are not recommended for windows where children or pets may be present.

Horizontal Blinds

Child-safe and colourful, our Cordless Cellular Shades provide privacy and insulation to your window while softly filtering in natural light. This cordless shade operates without any visible cords, providing a child-safe environment for your home. Honeycomb construction creates air chambers that insulate and shield your room from the outside heat or cold. This unique feature helps lower your heating/cooling bills all year round. The honeycomb shape cells are made with durable, spun lace fabric that form crisp, clean pleats on the shade that keep your window looking sleek.

Cell Size: 9/16 inch Can be cut up to 6 inches total in store ( 3 inches on each side) Cordless shade offers child and pet safety Soft and durable spun lace fabric in luxurious colours complement and décor and softly filters light Energy efficient! Excellent insulation qualities White backing for clean street side appearance

Chick Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo chick used as outdoor chick and for balcony covering is made of of natural bamboo so bamboo chick blind create a perfect natural look. As Bamboo chick blind made of bamboo so it is works as heat insulator and prevents the direct sunlight and heat entering to your home. Bamboo chick blind made rollable so you can position it according to your convenience.

Simple, easy to use, washable and Low maintenance. Give lots of options as to positioning. These reduce the sunlight entering the room which can damage furnishings. Decreases the heat entering the room and reduces discomfort in summer months.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated shades offer a unique look and are very affordable window covering options. The folded accordion pleats add dimension to living spaces. One of the biggest advantages to this type of window covering is how it stacks completely flat when raised in order to allow a full, open outdoor view. The pleating detail is available in standard 1 inch pleats, but the 2 inch pleat option is better suited for larger windows. Both styles come in sheer, light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics to meet your specific light control preferences.


A fast-growing trend for this type of window covering is using sheer pleated shades paired with drapery panels, or they also look great as stand-alone window treatments. For a fresh, flexible window covering that delivers on fashion, form and function, be sure to inquire about pleated and cellular shade combos that provide three shades in one! The top of the shade is typically a sheer shade or light-filtering pleated shade, while a cellular shade is placed at the bottom and usually features a blackout liner or room-darkening fabric for the ultimate in privacy, light control, and insulation.

Wooden Blinds

Inspired by nature's great materials and elements, the Impressions Alabaster faux wood blind feels like the very best of the great world around us, all rolled into one. From the creamy colour way to the texture and feel, this blind is effortlessly versatile and so on trend, and that's only the half of it.

The smoothness of the slats make this blind extremely easy to clean, whilst the PVC material keeps it looking fresh and full for years to come, for it's qualities give you a window dressing that is robust and waterproof.

Curtains Rods

Unique and stylish in looks, this Deco Window Roman Bronze Iron 28 Inch Extendable Curtain Rod is high on appeal and is an ideal pick for your home decor. This bronze-coloured extendable rod can be fit with any curtains to add to its appeal. Sporting a durable make owing to the iron body, the uniquely-designed rod will blend well with any interiors. A one stop-shop for home decor and furniture, Pepperfry sells a home product every 30 seconds.