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Bird Problem

Bird Net

When it came time to replace the 1 inch netting around our garden, we began reading reviews and obtaining samples. When our shipment arrived, the first thing we noticed was how much heavier/stronger the fabric was compared to all of our samples, some costing more. Another thing my wife noticed after we installed the netting was that, when she worked inside the netting, it did not tangle or catch on her clothing like the netting we had been using.

put the bird net up over an 18 x 36 foot fruit section of my garden. Last year, with out the net, we lost most of our grapes, strawberries and blueberries to the birds. Not this year. The net is allowing us to harvest all of the fruit this year. The net is fairly durable, but you do have to be careful with it when putting it in place or moving it as it can tear if it snags on things.

Bird Spykes

Bird Spikes are an effective, humane solution for deterring large birds from landing in unwanted areas. 100% Effective everywhere they are placed. Spikes are not harmful, just extremely uninviting, irritating, & intimidating. Used worldwide, one of the oldest & most reliable bird repellants Industry standard on public & private properties One-time solution - no maintenance required When installed properly, spikes can last a lifetime!